1. Business name: Interalfa-Complex Kft. / Interalfa-Complex Ltd.


  1. Business type: Private company


  1. Tel: +36 260 3338


  1. Mobile: +36 70 940 6609


  1. Fax: +36 1 260 2759


  1. E-mail: office@interalfa.hu


  1. Address: H-1142 Budapest Szőnyi út 39.



  1. Company History


Interalfa-Complex Trading and Services Ltd. was founded in 1991 as a family enterprise in Budapest & is still a family run company. At the beginning the main profile was the bijoux manufacturing and distribution to the wholesale market.

Today Interalfa has a turnover of over 6.1 Million Euros, we have 7 delivery Vehicles, 4 Warehouses totaling of over 2,400 Sq. M. with easy access to all Motorways. Also we have a large office and showroom on the same site. Employees: 29.

We received the exclusive distribution rights for Starion International Ltd. (England) in 1996, and then, year by year the bijoux segment has disappeared as our sales grew in exclusively distributed products like perfumes, health and beauty care products, etc.


Over the years we have succeeded in making successful distribution contracts with many foreign manufacturers. Since 2001 we have had manufactured several own label products to fill gaps in our market (health & beauty care products, gift sets, etc.)


  1. What the company does


We are one of the biggest parfum, toiletries, food-supplement and medical devices distributing company in Hungary.

Our business units are:


  • Parfumes, Toiletries

We have products listed in all of the major chains in Hungary: Drogerie Markt, Rossmann, Müller, Marionnaud, Interspar, Tesco, Auchan, Metro, Coop Hungary, CBA, Douglas, Shell SMART & direct to many pharmacies and retailers.

We are in partnership with 69 of the largest wholesale companies in Hungary that are spread over the 55 main towns & cities as well as the chains listed above, we also work closely with many other retail outlets.


  • Food Supplement, Medical device, Cosmetic Products

The company has a division that deals with pharmacies. The division is increasing its percentage of turnover every year. We have sales representatives visiting pharmacies, and we are in contact with the leading pharmacy wholesalers. Pharmacy orders are taken personally and registered directly in our own online system which allows that wholesalers (3 biggest ones in Hungary) to get them immediately as well.





  • Representation in Europe

Interalfa is the European representative for many third country companies (S.S. Global F.Z.E, Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group, Asten Bugle International and Shantou Meibao Cosmetics Co.), and distributing their excellent quality and wide range of perfumery products.

We can keep efficient stock in Hungary to supply the orders with short running time and very competitive prices. It’s important because of the EU retail chains where can have the local distributors the highest sales volume.

We are also able to give a private label service for the non-EU suppliers to satisfy their local distributor’s special needs.


Our re-export partner markets are: England, Ireland, Germany, Italy, The Netherland, Lithuania, Poland, Czeh Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarussia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina.


  • Suncare Products

Throughout the summer we are distributing directly to more than 250 shops all around Lake Balaton, which is the number one vacation spot in Hungary and to many wellness hotel’s gift shops.


  1. Strategy


  1. Vision statement


  • To have our product in every home in Hungary,
  • To help people be healthy,
  • To help people enjoy life, or offer an affordable solution to healthy life.
  • Our Company will inspire its employees to be the best they can be. We will engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of our customers
  • We want to find the solutions for our costumer’s special needs and find products for those kind of problems which don’t have proper product for it.
    1. Mission statement


Our goal is to provide the highest level of service, the broadest selection of products and the most competitive prices. We are a values-driven company and our seven core values include the following: Offer quality products at fair prices, Excellent customer service, Taking care of our people, Creating shareholder value, Respect for all people, Entrepreneurial spirit, Building strong relationships

  1. Values


  • Selling quality products for reasonable prices
  • Satisfying and delighting our customers
  • Supporting team member excellence and happiness
  • Creating wealth through profits and growth
  • Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers
  • Reliable


  1. Business concept


  1. Products
    • toiletries
    • parfumes
    • personal care
    • medical devices


  1. Services
    • distribution in Hungary
    • company representation in the EU
    • EU storage center for non-EU companies


  1. Business competitiveness
  • wide spectrum of partners
  • deep knowledge of the market
  • one-person owner – fast decisions
  • More than 26 years old family-owned stable company with year by year growth
  1. Management & Ownership
    1. Director


  • József Friesz Jr. owner


  1. Management


  • Aniko Kabai – Key Account Manager
  • Timea Bacsa – Financial Director
  • József Szuhányi – Warehouse Director
  • Szilvia Viragos- Office Manager
  • Jánosné Lukács – Chartered Accountant


  1. Contact Details:


Operating Office and Postal Address:

Interalfa-Complex Kft.

Hungary, H-1142 Budapest, Szőnyi Street 39./B

Tel: 0036 1 260 33 38

Fax: 0036 21 251 20 14

E-mail: office@interalfa.hu

Web: www.interalfa.hu


  1. Current Suppliers & projects


Mirato Spa. Italy Malizia & Intesa: range of men’s and women’s toiletries

Clinians: specialized creams, body treatment sun care

PC Design Morocco Cuba, New Brand toiletries
Créme21 GmbH Germany Creams and body treatment products
De Ruy Perfumes, S.A Spain Nike
Irish Beeze Ireland WaterWipes
S.S. Global Fragrances U.A.E. IScent
Milton-Lloyd Ltd. England America&Taylor of London: perfumes, body sprays
Paglieri S.P.A. Italy Felce Azzurra products
Mil-Mil 76  S.r.L. Italy Mil Mil & Delice: mass-market personal care
Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group U.A.E. Shirley May, Alta Moda mass market toiletries
Linco Care Ltd. England Calypso, Cabana, Sun Tropic sun care products, Silkia
Shantou Meibao Cosmetics Co. China Tiverton perfumes
OraHealth Corporation U.S.A. Xylimelts medical device for oral/dental hygiene
Asten Bugle Germany Paris Riviera, Starcent
Genie-S International Ltd Hong Kong Perfume pod
Evaflor France Whisky
MCI Manufacturing Spain Star Nature perfumery products
Osma Werm GMBH Germany Black Onyx fragrances, Elina suncare products
GMT Luxemburg Aloe Vera, Shea and Karite products


  1. Own –made products
  • Paris Prestige products

Own developed, gradually expanding assortment at favorable price.